Changing details on Characters the reader created?


I’m working on a flashback and as I was creating the character I realized that I let my readers create their own character. Is there a way that I can change details on custom created characters?


You can but what’s tough is changing them back to the customized character. Maybe if it’s just changing the hair or something than you can have the reader goose the hair again after the flashback


Ugh I feel you! I’m just gonna keep it regular haha!! I’d love to let you read it actually!


Well hit me up on a pm


You can try adding another character on the customization script for example:

label customizationf

What would you like to change?

“Skin tone”{
goto skintone
goto eyes

label eyes


“Upturned Feline”{
@CHAR changes eyes into Upturned Feline
@FLASHCHAR changes eyes into Upturned Feline

So in the flashback it can look exactly like the character the reader customized


Actually I just thought of an easy way you can do this. Make a duplicate character and then use the command:

@DUPCHAR becomes MC
(Obviously replace the names with the character names.)

Then under that add the younger traits.

@DUPCHAR becomes MC
@DUPCHAR changes hair into Double Bun Updo


Thank you both for your helpful ideas! I’m going to go w your idea @RudeInception :slight_smile:

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