Changing expressions with outfits!


Hii, I’m TT (short for Turtle Trainer) and I’ll be teaching you how to change expressions with outfits!

What is an expression?

In this thread, an expression is the stable ending of an animation.

Here’s an expression:

This is the admire expression. Now, how can I change this slightly without using overlays?

I gotcha, all you have to do is change their outfit.

The script is:

@MARY stands screen center AND MARY faces right AND MARY is admire
@pause for 2
@pause for a beat
@MARY changes into MARY_1

And here’s the after!

As you can see, the mouth is closed.

You can call this technique “hidden animations” if you want to, feel free to comment those who change expressions after outfit changes! I’ll add them as I discover!


  • admire (closes mouth)
  • think (changes arm placement)
  • admire_hold_gift (removes the gift as well!)
  • apply_lipstick (changes face expression)
  • blow_kiss (slight change on the hand position)
  • sleep_uncomfortable_awake
  • frustrated

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Character expressions

Also with sleep_uncomfortable_awake (for females, she changes facial expression)


Thank you for adding it! :heart:


Another animation is frustrated. In the author’s story “H&V: The Magician’s Code”.

Here is a visual to see that I made:



Awesome :heart_eyes:


@PORA spot 1.280 220 0 and PORA faces left
@PORA is admire then PORA is hangup_phone_angry
@pause for 2
@pause for a beat
@PORA changes into PORA_default

This is another one, look at the result:
You need something extra right after before you can let it go, definately NOT another scene, and obviously not another animation.


I tried to see if it would give her the facial expression of a previously used animation. I’m gonna try another way.


@PORA spot 1.280 220 0 and PORA faces left
@PORA is admire
@PORA is hangup_phone_angry
@PORA changes into PORA_default

This gave her a double blink when she got the new face.


She looks funny! :smiley:


You can add @CHARACTER is faint to the list, they open their eyes:
(It looks creepy :scream:)


True :joy: this is really helpful bookmarking!


omfg that looks so villanous!


I have a question regarding the changing of expressions, do you have to put a “pause” or can you just change the outfit immediately?


I think change the outfit right after the animation is over


What’s the code for this one??


Can we do this to the male too??


Yes, it works for males too and it’s animation frustrated


Bump :grin:


Wait what did I do wrong?

    NURSE1 (talk_shrug)
We're all out.

@DALLAS is frustrated AND DALLAS is idle_happy
@pause for 2
@DALLAS changes into DALLAS therapy
@pause for a beat


the other “DALLAS” has spaces in the script so that’s not the problem