Changing facial expression without changing animation in LL

Hi, I am currently coding a story and I don’t know how to change facial expressions without changing the animation on the body of my character in LL version. Can someone please help me with it??

I think we can’t change the facial expression.

There’s not really an official animation or code to change facial expressions without changing the animation. However, you can create overlays of facial features with the expressions you want to convey and use them over the character as they do the animation. Somewhat like this:

&overlay MOUTH_SMILE create
&overlay MOUTH_SMILE opacity 0%
&overlay MOUTH_SMILE moves to layer 2
&overlay MOUTH_SMILE shifts to [location of mouth on character’s face]

&CHARACTER spot 1.000 100 50 in zone 1
&CHARACTER moves to layer 1
@.CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is idle_argument_angry_loop

@.pause for 3
@.overlay MOUTH_SMILE opacity 100% in 0.3

There’s also a couple animations that have the same pose, but different expressions such as these:

Arms crossed:

  • idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
  • idle_armscrossed_angry_loop
  • idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop
  • idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_neutral_loop

Holding stemware:

  • idle_stemware_neutral_loop
  • idle_stemware_angry_loop
  • idle_stemware_happy_loop
  • idle_stemware_sad_loop
  • idle_stemware_worried_loop

I hope this helps.


if you are not ready to use overlays then the only way is to change animations.

Thank you so much I will try doing that

But how do I create the overlays of facial expression?

omg thank you so much!!

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