Changing features in the middle of the story


Hey can anybody tell me what command i should use if I want my character to change its eye color itself in the middle of the story?


Dont Just Make A new OutFit


But Theres No command for that


I,ve seen there’s a command @character changes eyeColor into blue
BUT its not working


its because its not a correct command


Did you try @CHARACTER changes eyes into EYE SHAPE ?


Nope i just want to change the eyecolor


Would u tell me what’s the correct command?


@YOU changes eyesColor into Brown

It can be Brown, Blue, Green, or any other color you want.


@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Blue

First of all, the code you used has mistakes, the name of the person should be capitalized, and the B in blue should start with a capital, as well as the fact that it is eyesColor, not eyeColor

Anyway, have a lovely day!


Thank you so soo much


No problem :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:
I love helping :wink:


i have nousee…