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Hello everyone! So I’m working on a story but I haven’t published it yet. After a while I decided to change the main character’s features from my pc, but the problem is that if I play the story on my phone, the character is still the same? Can someone tell me why? :frowning:

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Have you updated the script from the app and completely exited out of the app? Also make sure you saved the new features in the writer’s portal by clicking the save button on the character screen.

Yes, I have done everything you said. If I preview the story on the pc it looks right, the problem is only the phone.

Maybe try replaying your story via the “Replay” button?

Did you save the changes on the PC?

Already tried, not working. I guess I’m gonna put at the begin of the story commands like “MC changes skin tone, eyes, lips into…” I guess it’s the only way.

Yes, I clicked on the save button and restarted the app. However as I said I think I’m gonna change the features at the begin of the story

If you go into Navigation > Reset Story Progress, it should reset her looks to what you’ve saved her as on the computer.

I’ve already tried that but it still doesn’t work. I honestly have no idea why

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