Changing hair color on Horses

Help please!! :slightly_smiling_face::horse:

I am trying to make a customizable template for horses. I’m stumped on changing the hair color. :disappointed:

When I do
strong text@HORSENAME changes hairColor into Rose Gold
It doesn’t work. I’ve looked on here and found someone else did a similar template, however, they did it the same way I was typing and it’s not working for me. Is this just my portal being a pain in the butt? Or is there a different way to change the hair color on a horse?
Thanks in advance for your help! :revolving_hearts:

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Thank you, but the way it’s done here is the same way I did it & it doesn’t change the color of the mane for me :slightly_frowning_face: is it possibly just my portal acting up? It won’t work on my phone either though. :pensive:

It could be some technical problems. Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake in your horse’s name? Are any other features changing or is it just hair?

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Thanks so much for your help! I may have found the issue and I’m gonna try to fix it later, wish me luck :hugs:

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Good luck, I hope that everything will work for you?

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Thank you for sharing! @Tina_Leigh if you’re still stuck, feel free to PM me, I’d love to lend a virtual hand, I help out with a variety of directing stuff, with tappable cc being one of my favs (I’ve also done a tappable horse cc template before) :nerd_face: :heart:


Aww thanks sweetie! I actually did get it to work and that’s what I did, made a tappable one lol :joy: thanks so much for reaching out though! I really appreciate it. :green_heart:

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