Changing hair mid script causes the characters hair to change everywhere!

I’m having my characters change their hair in episode 3 of my story, but when i read it back, the characters hair changes to that same style in episode 1 and 2, idk how to fix it. I check it on my phone and it does the same thing. I’ve reset the story progress and nothing. Ive sent my story link to a different phone to see if my phone was acting up, but its the same thing. I’m not sure if it’s gonna upload this way. Help!!

@kobekkc In order to change the hair mid scene, you’d have to say this:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Hair Name

I know that, but the problem is that when I DO change their hair, it changes their hair from the previous episodes too.

Are you sure you’re using that format, or are you changing the hair in the character settings?

Dw it won’t appear like that when the person reads it

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oh okay thanks, if i publish it though and it ends up like that, is there an unpublish option? lol

You’ll just have to write in the script so that it changes back for you.
It just the way it works which can be annoying


No there isnt, but it won’t end up like that trust

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