Changing hair mid script

My main character has black hair and in the middle of the first episode I was going to change it to cooper red. I was also going to make a new character and change the script name but I already let them change the main character looks. How can I make a new character with red hair without changing the customization that they did?

Just create a duplicate that has the same display name.

Instructions on how to do so here:

And then change her hair color ^^

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Still kinda confused… would i create a new character with the same name? or something like this? @CHARACTER2 becomes CHARACTER ?

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Yeah, you’d have two characters with different script names but the same display name.

So when you create the duplicate character, their script name is different but you would change their display name to the same name the original character has.


Script Name: GIRL
Display Name: GIRL

Script Name: GIRL COPY
Display NAME: GIRL

And in the script:


The GIRL is the original character and GIRL COPY is the duplicate btw.

In your script.

Wow, that’s so cool, I’m looking at myself.

Yes you are.

The reader sees GIRL as their name for both of them since that is the name that is being displayed (shown to them).

Hope this helps ^^

Another way to change its hair is to do @CHARACTER changes hair color into (the color you want)

@CHARACTER changes hair color into Blond
(Make sure to capitalize and spell the name of the hair color correct or it won’t work)

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The Twins & Family Members Template already tells her how to do that, but thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh :joy: my bad I didn’t read it sorry. :woman_facepalming:t4:

That’s OK :smile:

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