Changing hairstyles in limelight

Does anyone know how to change your character’s hairstyle in the middle of making a story? Like for if you want to make one character look like another one halfway into the game or if they just said something like “Maybe I should try something new with my hair” how would you change it? I’ve seen a lot of explanations for Ink but not for limelight, so if you had any tips I would greatly appreciate it!

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It’s actually the same coding as Ink, just with different hairstyle names.

Oh, really? Ok thank you, do you know what the different hairstyle names are because I tried giving the character a curly bob and it gave me a script error when I even capitalized it. Is there a way to give your character that hairstyle, because I’ve looked at a bunch of hairstlyes that are options in limelight and they don’t really seem to work

Here’s a list of every LL hairstyle currently available for all authors:

Female Hairstyles

Beach Wave Hair
Braided Bun
Blunt Bangs Short
Classic Bob
Curly Bob
Hair Flip
Long Braided
Long Dreadlocks
Long Faux Hawk Solid
Long Feathered
Long High Ponytail
Long Straight Loose Bangs Blunt Solid
Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept Solid
Long Straight Loose Solid
Medium Braided
Medium Curly Solid
Medium Dreadlocks
Morning Updo
Punk Pixie
Short Curly Fade
Short High Ponytail
Short Pixie
Short Wavy Hair Solid
Short Wavy Ombre
Straight Medium

Male Hairstyles

Curly Mohawk
Generic Short
Long Braided
Long Dreadlocks
Medium Dreadlocks
Short Curly Fade
Short Messy Curly
Short Shaggy
Short Twists
Slicked Back Solid
Wavy Messy
Wavy Quiff

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Ok, thank you so much!