Changing into an outfit choice?



Hey guys!

Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this question, but I’m kinda new with this :))

Anyway, in my story I had the reader make choices to have the character change into an outfit (I’ll just call this outfit 1), and then I had the character have a flashback (where they changed into a different outfit). Is there a way to get the character to change back into the outfit they chose previously, outfit 1? (sorry if that sounds really confusing)

Thank you loves
<3 Teresa


Hey there! You just have to make sure to remember the dressing game choices, by using gains or this method: choice (rememberCHOICE). Ex:

choice (rememberCHOICE)
“First outfit” {
} “second outfit” {


if (rememberCHOICE is “First outfit”) {
} elif (rememberCHOICE is “second outfit”) {


Thank you so much you’re a lifesaver!! :slight_smile:

<3 Teresa


You’re welcome! :blush: