'Changing Into' Reference

Mostly a guide for me, maybe a guide for you :rofl:

@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT
@CHARACTER changes hair into STYLE
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into COLOR
@CHARACTER changes face into SHAPE
@CHARACTER changes eyebrows into SHAPE
@CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into COLOR
@CHARACTER changes eyes into SHAPE
@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into COLOR
@CHARACTER changes nose into SHAPE
@CHARACTER changes mouth into SHAPE
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into COLOR
@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into COLOR


Yiu are a Godsend, thank you.

You’re welcome! I always forgot these :sweat: lol

I didnt know it was so simple to change hair styles! I thought i was going to have to figure out sone super complicated code.

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Nope, thank goodness :slight_smile:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: