Changing lights

So, I need help with an episode background

Is it possible to make the light filtering through the door blue instead of gold?

If it is please help me change it and maybe the color of the wall to purple- ONLY IF IT’S POSSIBLE!

Thanks ^v^

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i can do an atempt

also btw have a door overlay if you want it

Alright :hugs:

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Navy blue ^^

OMG, it’s so cute TY :heart_eyes:

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happy to help

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Just a teeny problem. Can you make it 1280x1136 pixels?
That’s my only problem rn :blush:

thats weird, I downloaded it directly from the website, how can it be wrong size.

it legit was missing one hecking pixel to be uploaded as a 3 zone, ONE HECKING PIXEL,


Lol :rofl: