Changing Limelight Clothes

I still can’t seem to find a solution to my problem or an answer that works for my question…
How do I change a characters clothing in LIMELIGHT on the scene… I really need help… I haven’t been able to anything in weeks… please help me!:pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:


Is this what you meant?

Tried that

If the name of the outfit has more than words… should the all be joined together
Before: Purple White Hoodie
After: PurpleWhiteHoodie

No, it should be however it’s written when you saved the outfit.
So if you used spaces or underscores or capital letters, you need to write it that way in your script

Can I get an example in script please?

That would help a lot better


Here’s an example. I’m thinking that you’re not putting the name in the script exactly the same as how you named it when you created the outfit. If the outfit exists and you typed it in right, it should appear pink in the portal (this is for ink, it may be a different color for limelight i’m not sure). If there’s spaces or capital letters, then include them in the name. :slight_smile:


^^^ what she said

Moved topic to the Directing Help & Tips section. Thanks! :peace_symbol:

:heart_eyes:thank you, thank you, thank you:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Another question, how do you name your outfits?.. I think that’s where my problems are

You can name the as you want, I personally use name and episode number so I know where I used it.
For example:

But how you name yours it’s totally up to you :slight_smile:

thank you…

Can you another characters’ outfit?

Do you mean if the character can wear other characters outfit? The answer is yes

Yes, that is my question… but I can’t seem to make it work

If it’s a Male it won’t work

Wait you have an error because you should have a dialogue after it. If you want her to perform an action without the dialogue the command for it is
@LOLA is dustoff_neutral_loop

no its a female