Changing Limelight Clothes

Another question, how do you name your outfits?.. I think that’s where my problems are

You can name the as you want, I personally use name and episode number so I know where I used it.
For example:

But how you name yours it’s totally up to you :slight_smile:

thank you…

Can you another characters’ outfit?

Do you mean if the character can wear other characters outfit? The answer is yes

Yes, that is my question… but I can’t seem to make it work

If it’s a Male it won’t work

Wait you have an error because you should have a dialogue after it. If you want her to perform an action without the dialogue the command for it is
@LOLA is dustoff_neutral_loop

no its a female

so the dialogue is needed?..

No, if you don’t need it. If you need just an action use:

@LOLA is dustoff_neutral_loop

It worked thank you so much… in return do you have a new story I could help advertise for you?

just to say thank you

Awww… that’s so sweet! You can find a link to my story on my profile here :slight_smile: Just click on my avatar :wink:

ok thank you :relaxed::relaxed:

I checked out your story… how do you do your intro

I used text overlays, opacity and shift commands. If you want to learn more about it check this thread:

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thank your very helpful

look for your shout out in episode 3 of faith

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