Changing outfits for a couple of scenes

Hey guys I need some help over here, so in my chapter I’m doing a costume party so my characters will have to change from their default outfit to the themed one.The problem is that afterwards I don’t want the outfit (the costume) to stay on the characters for the next episodes, I want their default one.So what should I do to keep the costume outfit for a couple of scenes and then change it to the default one ?

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and won’t affect the previous chapters also

Use preview and unpreview

You could use the preview command

E. g

@character previews outfitname

@YOU previews Feature NAME

@YOU unpreviews Feature NAME

Feature NAME stands for=

  • bodyColor NAME

  • eyebrows NAME

  • eyebrowsColor NAME

  • hair NAME

  • hairColor NAME

  • eyes NAME

  • eyesColor NAME

  • face NAME

  • nose NAME

  • mouth NAME

  • mouthColor NAME

  • outfit NAME

I hope this helps💕


Hahah we used the same link

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can u please make an example cause i think i’m gonna mess things up :joy:

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Look at the link we sent, it gives examples

So the default ones which are on the previous chapters won’t get affected ?

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Hi there, did you go over the thread that was linked :thinking: If you read over the thread, specifically over the outfit example, it will give a step by step example. To answer your question, no the default outfit in the previous chapter won’t be affected. So if your character is wearing the outfit DEFAULT_OUTFIT and then they change into a new outfit like partycrazy when choosing through a bunch of clothing options, selecting for a party outfit, you could have them change back into the original outfit. So for example:

@CHAR previews outfit partycrazy

Here they will be in their new outfit. To have them change back to what they had on before you write:

CHAR unpreviews outfit partycrazy

Replace CHAR with your character’s name. Unpreviewing something just changes that something back to what they had before they previewed the new item. So if your character has green eyes, you preview red, then you unpreview, their eyes will be back to green. If they have brown eyes, previews red, then unpreviews red, their eyes will be back to brown, what they originally had on before they previewed the eye color red.

I highly recommend to go over that thread, good luck :chef:

P.S from testing it seems to work within one episode, so in next episode they automatically revert to their original feature(s) they had before previews command. So for example, if they have blue eyes, you preview violet in episode 5, then at the start of episode 6, next episode, their eyes are back to blue. You can find all feature names for noses, faces, eyes, lips, eyebrows, hair in characters, in portal. Outfit names show up in pink in script, make sure they are created.

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Okay don’t kill me with this question lol 🥲: so when i type this preview/unpreview feature yes it works and stuff but then when i want to place them to a spot they first appear close to the camera and then they go to the spot they were supposed to from the beginning of the scene(i tried using AND but it doesn’t work) and because i’ve made to a bunch of characters customs how it will work ? so they can be at the spot i want them to from the start of the scene?

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Also yes i’ve read the thread :heart:

The thread had the answer :yay: maybe I need to edit it but not too sure how I would make it more easier than it already is (I aim to simplify things as much as possible) :sweat_smile:

Dw, I love helping people :yay::fist_bump:

If you want them to be at the start of the scene without having them enter, spot directing is your bestie:

You can also use regular placement but with spot directing you have way more options on where to place them. Other threads of interest to you: HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊 & HOW TO: Stage Direction

Layers: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers


&BG spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND BG faces left AND BG is nod_loop

Use & when placing background characters. If you’re in zone 1, planning to pan to zone 2 and/or 3, first place your characters in those zones using & and then afterwards, pan to that zone so they don’t pop up. Using & with spot directing placement also avoids popping up issue. You can also have them enter in a straight line with spot directing (keep first value- height (ex.1.280) same, third value (ex. 0, floor level, up-down direction, higher numbers up, lower numbers down) same and just change second value (ex. 160) it is the left-right direction a character walks, lower numbers to the left, higher to the right.

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