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So I know how to make new outfits for my characters, but every time I make a new one, and adjust the hair and makeup for THAT look, it changes the hair and makeup I set for THAT look on ALL my looks. I always have to go in and fix it. Why?
can someone help me please?

This happens when you do changes on your character, and not in the script. Are you typing it like @CHARACTER changes hair…? (Hope you can understand me :smiley: )

The hair and make up are different commands

@MC changes into MC DRESS
@MC changes hair into Straight

no im just editing their outfit and makeup/hair for a scene and it changes all of them

I’m not good in English, but I will try to write something with sense :smile: so… if you type @CHARACTER changes into outfit and do prewiev, sometimes they have this outfit even in the other scenes cause you did not read the whole chapter and reach another changing command. Also if you set an outfit like a default outfit in the make new character section, it can appear like that, if nothing of these things occurs, send me screen of your script :slight_smile:

this is what I mean, just for clarification:

a change on one outfit, changes them all :((

Your character settings are your characters default look. If you change anything in those settings, it will change your characters look trough out the entire story, not for a specific outfit.
If you want to change your characters hair/makeup for a specific scene, you need to do it using these commands in your script.
@CHARACTER changes hair into name of hairstyle
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into name of lip color

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Like @IdaWrites already has said, you need to code it, if you would have problems with it, I would help you to code it

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okay thank youu

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ill try and see how it goes thank youu

how do u change face shape?

@CHARACTER changes face into FACESHAPE

oh thank youu do other face features do this too?

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into BODYCOLOR
@CHARACTER changes hair into HAIR
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into HAIRCOLOR
@CHARACTER changes eyebrows into EYEBROWSHAPE
@CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into EYEBROWCOLOR
@CHARACTER changes eyes into EYESHAPE
@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into EYECOLOR
@CHARACTER changes nose into NOSE
@CHARACTER changes mouth into LIPSHAPE
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into LIPCOLOR
@CHARACTER changes face into FACESHAPE

So yeah :sweat_smile:

okay thank youu

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