Changing outfits


I am changing the outfit for my character, but when I preview, the outfit never changes. This is on classic style


Yeah, it’s a bug. It’s only affect on Classic. So you won’t be able to change outfit until Team Episode fix the problem and we can’t do anything until wait for the update :confused:


oh okay, is there a way I can officially report the bug to them?


Go here this link:


Thank you. It’s asking for my support id. What would that be?


Go to your phone and click on episode app. Once you got on, go to setting, then you can see Support ID number there.


Thank you, I just sent one in!


You’re welcome :smiley:


Do you know if they fixed the bug yet?


I just update the app yesterday and it’s working! Now the classic can change clothes now! :smiley:


Thank goodness! that was so annoying. I couldn’t read a bunch of stories.


I know :confused: It was annoying. But now I’m happy that I can read Classic stories :smiley:


Yes! I am so happy :smiley: back to reading classic and writing my story again! Thanks episode for listening to us lil guys! :+1:t4: