Changing Overlays depending on Character Customization

Not sure if the title covers it but I need a little help from you guys…

So, I just published my story Swan - Pursuit of Justice and while I’m getting a lot of great feedback, readers are asking if CC can be included in the story.

Now as the title of this thread might indicate, I have a certain scene where the MC is holding on to the roof for dear life. To do that I had to include her arm as an overlay. Here’s an image to better understand what I’m describing.

My question is here… Is it possible to change the overlay depending on the choice of skin color the reader chose? If so, could you please help me out and tell me how it can be done?

Thanks so much for your help!


you need to confirm every skin choice, here’s the example of how to do that but in INK

I see, then use the flag in the episode where I need it and the story applies the overlay that matches the skin color chosen.

Thanks for the instant help. Much appreciated. :smiley:

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But we don’t have to change her body color only the other features

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Yes in fact I decided to add in CC after all but it will be limited.

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In which chapter can we cc? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will add it at the 1st episode of course

I’m on episode 7 , I need to restart the story?

I haven’t updated so they’re not published yet. I’m adding CC in episode 1 so yes you have to restart it if you want CC, unfortunately. Season 1 is closed and adding CC to every episode takes up lines, time and would be repetitive and annoying to readers to ask them for cc on each and every episode.

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