Changing scenes within a branch?


I have a three identical backgrounds, except that the skin tone is changed in each. When the player is customising their character, the skin colours are divided into dark, medium and light, and their final selection is recorded as a point score.
But what I’m finding is that I can’t show the appropriate background for the character’s skin tone because as soon as I put a background into this branch, the script rejects it. Without the backgrounds, using three different dialogues or whatever, it works perfectly.
Anyone know how to fix this?

The script, for reference:
if (AAA =1){
}elif (AAA =2){


Is it because you don’t have a directing or dialogue command under the backgrounds?

You know how you can’t end your script with a scene change? Could be because you can’t end a branch with a scene change…


Thanks I’ll give it a shot


Good luck


It worked, ily, and I feel so dumb


Yay! Don’t feel dumb, we’ve all been there before.