Changing Skin/Whole Body Within Episodes

Say, you want to change a character’s entire look for an episode. No CC by the reader.

It’s not impossible to change skin + facial features like you can hair/clothes with @CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_DEFAULT, right?

Or is that just insane?

Why don’t you make a seprate character with those looks? that’s way easier

That won’t work with what I’m coding

why don’t you change it back once and afterwards allow them to CC again?

I don’t want the reader to be able to CC at all.

So you want them to stop CC? then just change everything back with @CHARACTER changes hair into HAIR
you want them to go back to you created for them for one episode ? create a seprate character like you do with the a mirror scene and use that one imange a mirror scene

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I want to completely change the MAIN character every episode to look like a whole new person so I can use the phone/spotlight formats

Do you mean like

@CHARACTER changes hair into name
@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into name

Etc etc

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That’s EXACTLY what I meant.

I just wanted to know if it was possible.

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