Changing styles


How do you change a story to Limelight?


You have to create a new story


Or delete everything, script, characters, outfits etc.


I started a new story. Then what?


You have to pick a limelight from the styles, they should show up when you’re creating your characters


They changed the layout. Where is the change style link?


There’s no such a thing like link to it.

When you create a new story click on the characters the styles should show up


Where???/ I automatically get INk


Can you calm down?

This window should show up after you click on characters


I am calm :sob:
I got it…
I Clicked the start new story…blue button.


Start another story and check if it will work. If not send a support ticket or write in Ink :smiley:

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Go to create character and then you know how they have examples in the bottom click the blue or idk what color and u should change it there


Waaaaait is this for Phone or computer, and if its for computer, How do you do it on the Phone?


You can’t make a Limelight or Classic story on mobile yet. This only works on the computer


does this still work? I deleted characters outfits and everything but when I recreate my first character the link at the bottom isn’t there… am I doing something wrong or have they just updated it? :thinking: :blush:


there’s no link. if you want to make a story in a different style you have to make a new story, then choose characters.

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thank you! that helps a lot!


you’re welcome !

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