Changing the main character

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So, I want to change the main character in my script, since I put CC option with three different body sizes at first. I tried @MAIN becomes YOU etc… but since the CC options have different body sizes, the “becomes” command (which makes the character “pretend”, not to be transformed completely) shows a number of error that “You are mixing body types and clothes…” etc.

I am searching for another way to declare the main character. Not “becomes” option, please.

So do you mean You Want to Add The Body Type Choices Am I right?!:sweat_smile: Without Using "Becomes Command":flushed:

Yes, You can rephrase it like that.

So it was spotlight… maybe use some templates…:flushed: can i see how the error looks?

Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 13.17.54

(I have gain and if-else statements for clothing options throughout the script)

When Creating A Spotlight You Should Use A Format
You can’t Use Any Body Types By Using Spotlight You Have to Use The Full Body Version

but don’t worry u can use spotlight just do as i said

Before Adding The Template Of Body Types CC add set format cinematic
Then Add the Body Type Template
When The Scene Starts After You Add the Body Template Add set format spotlight

NOW HAPPY WRITING!! if you need anything help you can message me my dm’s are always open on instagram @miles.episode or if you don’t have insta feel free to message me here!:blush::sparkling_heart:hope i helped you!

read it carefully!:arrow_heading_up::blush:

My problem is not with the CC. The problem arises when I try to change clothes of the character throughout the script.

And After I change my Main Character, when I put her a dress, of course w.r.t the chosen body type (using if-else and gain) I get the mix error