Changing usernames?

Not sure where this goes…

Can we not change our username anymore? I just attempted to change mine, and it looks like I can’t. I just really want to know if there is still some way to change our username. It was one of the pros of these forums. If I’m completely missing something, I’m sorry, and could you tell me how to change it?


  • Kittenlove

Same question I have! I wanted to change my name today :unamused:

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Same. I was going to change my old account from the old forums to just a Kittenlove instead of the Kittenlove1 it is now, and change this one back to LolaAnn.

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Hi Kittenlove,

They have probably turned this feature off it may have accidentally been on.

There’s a time limit on changing your username right now. We will be revisiting certain settings as we get more feedback! Thank you :slight_smile:

What is your suggestion?

Well, as I really only wanted to switch some stuff around, I can wait. How long is the time limit?

If that’s all, you can send a PM to an Admin or Moderator and have them change it for you. :slight_smile:

From the look of it, changing your username is limited to the first 72hrs the new account is made.

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Okay, cool, thanks! :smile:

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