Changing where text format is

is there a way to choose where the texts go in textformat? I’d like them specific to my phone screen, or can you put an overlay on top as I’ve seen that kind of thing in stories. Thanks!

Like a text message?

yeah, i just used overlays instead and found out it’s not possible at the moment, I really hope they add the feature in!

you just write
set format phonetext

then when you want to change it back

set format cinematic

Yes I know how to do that - i was wondering about moving the bubbles like speech bubbles, but it’s not possible yet :cry:

OH i missread, sorry
you can change what character talks on which side of the screen but you cant actually move them no

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Yee it’s really annoying so I just used overlays, hit that takes a lot of time so hopefully they add the feature

Yeah I agree, sometimes I wanna add pictures into the text but since you cant move the bubbles it gets all kinds of f’ed up

Exactly it’s so frustrating but I’ll put in the extra effort anyway :sob:

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