Chapter 5 is out of Tabloid Junkie

Title: Tabloid Junkie LL


You’re a talented musician who finally makes it big. Behind the curtain of the music industry lies a dark and twisted world. Evil practices occur, and you’re forced to navigate them.

Define Tabloid Junkie: Tabloid culture harms by promoting unrealistic standards, perpetuating stereotypes, and leading to issues like body image and low self-esteem. We should be critical of media and strive for a positive, inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and healthy attitudes.

Character Customizations!

4 (four) Characters FREE!

+4 (four) characters optional (gem choices needed for 1st episode)

the other 4 (four) characters will get to be customized for free in a later episode. They are not the main characters.

Male Protagonist/Main Character.

Female Love Intrest.

Gain Points: Character development, bonus scenes, and different character interactions.

(PS. thank you to the beautiful @Chel_C for my cover!!


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