Chapter Art Scene


Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic day! I am in need of some art for my story. It’s going to be simply used in the beginning of each episode displaying the chapter number and title. If you are someone who is able to make fantastic art then please reply! If you are interested please also reply with examples of art you’ve done before, this is not meant to be pushy or rude, but I want to make sure I pick somebody who has an art style I like. I will of course credit you in the story each episode if I use your art. Thank you so much in advance and have a wonderful rest of your day! :blush:


sure just send your details


oh hi Ellie! We’ve done stuff for you before and we’d be honored to do it again. just pm me :wink:


Do you have any examples of your work?





Hey I was bored so looking around forums but your art work is awesome! If I may ask what do you use to make this?


she doesn’t. A member of her art group does,


whom she hasn’t credited


there not on the form so the one with the blue is @MeganPerkins she always helped out




also heres one we are also starting a contest on the forum and on instagram its girl power


made by @Mango_episode she mostly on discord or instgram


I already entered


yeah but I entered. She posted it on discord. We should stop. It’s getting off-topic


lets delete the messages


Hi! Are you still able to do the art scene?


We can do it.


Alright, thank you so much! I’ll send the details for the people in it in just a second.



Those are the two characters.


What poses