Chapter changes and effect on passes

Hi guys!

So I just wanted to clarify something because I’m a bit confused. I would like to release the first chapter of my new story but lock chapter 2 & 3 with a loop choice at the end of chapter 1. As soon as chapter 2 is finished I will add a choice to the beginning of chapter one that takes you to chapter two. Will this work, because I’m thinking when I put that looping choice at the end of chapter 1 the reader will be stuck in chapter one and have to use the door icon to exit, therefore if I change something in the chapter they’re stuck in Episode will grant them one free pass to either reread or skip ahead to chapter 2 if they happen to have already read chapter 1.
Basically I just don’t want my readers to lose passes because I want my story out there but can’t find the time to complete all 3 chapters at once.
If this was already asked and answered, please show me in the right direction, if you don’t mind.
I have tried looking for things related to this subject and found nothing, I might have used the wrong key words.

Thank you in advance!
And don’t refrain from letting me know if this is a stupid thing to do.

The first chapter of each story is free. Readers don’t spend passes on it :blush: I hope this helps :blush: