Chapter Menu Template

Please can someone write s template of a menu screen for me with the options start chapter , customize, check points and skip

Hello, I have a script with most of that, however, I can adjust it for you. Give me the overlay names please so I can do the script :))

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Thank you so much!
Overlay 1 Start
Overlay 2 Check Points
Overlay 3 Customize
Overlay 4 Skip
Could you make the menu with a galactic vibe please? xx

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Sure! You have all the overlays right? Or would you like me to make them and just send them to you?

Yes please…you can make them and send them to me

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Thank you very much! Xxx

Just finished it. Would you like me to send it on here? Or through your Gmail? :smiley:

You may send it here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



&overlay SPLASH_START create AND overlay SPLASH_START shifts to 67 348 AND overlay SPLASH_START scales to 1.702 1.702 AND overlay SPLASH_START opacity 1 AND overlay SPLASH_CHECKPOINTS create AND overlay 5866233987792896_SPLASH_CHECKPOINTS shifts to 27 289 in zone 1 AND overlay 5866233987792896_SPLASH_CHECKPOINTS scales to 1.522 1.522 AND overlay SPLASH_CHECKPOINTS opacity 1 AND overlay SPLASH_CUSTOM create AND overlay SPLASH_CUSTOM shifts to 21 169 in zone 1 AND overlay SPLASH_CUSTOM scales to 1.702 1.702 AND overlay SPLASH_CUSTOM opacity 1 AND overlay SPLASH_SKIP create AND overlay SPLASH_SKIP shifts to 77 71 AND overlay SPLASH_SKIP scales to 1.846 1.846 AND overlay SPLASH_SKIP opacity 1

goto label start


goto label check_points

goto label customise

goto label skip



coollogo_com-31990442 coollogo_com-160562 coollogo_com-12429214 coollogo_com-28349427

Hopefully, they’ve stayed in PNG :smiley:

Thank you so much for your help!

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