Chapter One of my story is now out!

Hello everyone! Chapter one of my story is out. I worked really hard on chapter one so if you choose to read, I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.
If you want to know what the story is about, the link will be down below!



You don’t get reads for the first chapter that’s why people usually publish 3.

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Hey, while she’s right that most people publish their first three episodes together to hook readers, you will also have better luck if you include this in your post:
Author Name (because links don’t always work for everyone’s devices.)
Genre (If it’s a romance/action/etc with other genres mixed in feel free to let people know those subgenres too)
Description (You don’t have a character limit here so you can be more descriptive than you can on the app :slight_smile: )

Good luck!

Link doesn’t work on my iPad

Moved thread to “Promote Your Story” :slight_smile:

So I read your story and I think it’s cool ! Great job on the mirror scene !
But there is a problem. I don’t know if it’s my phone or not but the speech bubbles are very small and sometimes it’s very difficult to read.

Otherwise it’s a good story ! :smiling_face:


Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback :smile:. I will keep in mind the speech bubbles.

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Story Title: Untamable Beast
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Drama
Author Name: aziee_gabii
Story Style: Limelight
Number Of Episodes: 7 (still on going) I’m planning to have 40 to 55 episodes
Instagram: @gabii_epstxs (This instagram is not available anymore)
Description: Her, a hybrid that became a beast. Him, The alpha’s of the all alpha’s. They both never wanted any mates… But moon goddess had different plans for them.

There will be no customization for this story, There are also no choices so it will lead to one ending only. there has no exact schedule of when I’m going to update but I’ll definitely complete it!

WARNING !! The first tree episode will be short since it was made 2 years ago.

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal