Chapter problems?


I tiped the title of my first story and aded description. then I acidently added two more episodes. and there are numbers 1, 2, 3… the problem is because i starded writing at chapter 2. so… are those 1,2,3 chapters and will I need to add a cover to every ne chapter? also how long does the pedding for photo takes?


In order to first publish your story, you need to have three episodes created with a minimum of 400 lines. I don’t quite know what you mean by “cover”, but having a cover included with your story is optional. As for waiting for photos to be approved, I have been waiting 4-5 days for my cover to be approved and it still hasn’t, Episode is super busy with a lot of things so I understand that it will take some time :slight_smile: If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Thank you so much. You realy helped me. I’ll defenitly sponsord you if you want once I publish

V sre., 18. jul. 2018 23:53 je oseba Jules napisala:


I’m glad to help out anybody who needs it!:slight_smile: Also, when you go to publish your story when you finish the first three episodes, you can choose how many episodes you want to publish at a time. So if you write five episodes before publishing, you can still only pick three to publish, and then post the other ones later on!


Thank you. I think I’ll do that. Because otherwise they will wait to long for story.


Yes, exactly, and if you’re busy in the future, this allows you to make multiple episodes at once, and then possibly post one each week! I think this is what I will do, because I know I’ll be super busy in September.