Chapter Too Big


I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or that there’s too much “content” in my chapter, but I am unable to save the chapter I’m currently working on. Whenever I press the save button, I get a message saying that it’s “unable to parcel, if your chapter is longer than 8k+ lines, try reducing the length of it” but it’s only 102 lines so far… so is it because of the size or is it just a glitch? I’m filing a ticket, but I just wanna know if it’s happened to anyone else and if anyone has a fix for now.


Well, if you don’t have 8k lines, then I’d say that’s definitely a glitch of some kind


I figured… but wow it’s so weird lol I keep trying to save it and it keeps showing up.


Strange. Have you exited out of the portal completely and then re logged in?


Actually I’m gonna try that rn


unable to parse is a common glitch. copy and paste your script into a google doc or something like that, then refresh. copy and paste your script back onto it.

when it says that your chapter may be too long it doesn’t mean it really is, it’s just giving suggestions on why your script is unable to save. but if you have less than 8k lines then you just need to refresh.


I’ve refreshed like 10 times ;// I’m just gonna log in and log out now


a bunch of people including me are now having an issue with episode (including what your post is about). i think it’s servers are down or something


I am having the same problem also. I’ve tried resetting both of my browsers and it still didn’t work :frowning:


Okay so it looks like it’s not just me! Hope they fix it soon.


UPDATE: My chapter has just been saved finally. Thank you all for helping!


Having the same problem :frowning: Hope they fix it as soon as possible. Make sure to keep your script in notes or Word to be safe!


I just saved my chapter into Word, but I just tried to save it again in the portal and it worked. You should try it now!


Just got the same problem. I hope its fixed soon.


I just tried to save my chapter and it worked now finally. Try it now!


Thank you for letting me know i’ll go try know.


Just worked for me to thankfully all I lost was a outfit change quick and easy to put back in. :slight_smile:




So sorry about that! But glad it worked <3


Just put it in the next episode, try and make it a cliffhanger or some thing, take a really interesting part of your script and put it into another episode try and set a date where to get published so that people after the weight will come and try to see the next episode it’ll bring the lottery of readers