@CHAR enters from X to screen Y problem

Can someone help me?

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@/SUMMER enters from right to screen right and SUMMER is react_shocked_gasp

The problem is somewhere in your script. There is nothing wrong with the line 2246.
Click on the “Warnings” on your left and it should navigate you to the error.

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No… that shouldn’t be it. I agree there’s nothing wrong with the line in question, but clicking on the warning will send them to that exact line.

You’ll need to scan your script for a hidden error, that’s all you can do. The script is naming a random warning, but in reality something else is causing the error.

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@SUMMER enters from right to screen right.
@SUMMER is react_shocked_gasp.

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It’s nothing with the line in question. It’s another error in the script causing the warning. The current line is perfectly fine.

Ahh then I guess the navigation only works for some errors, coz I tried it before and it works.
Or I’ll usually just look for the “!” on the script lines.

I’d just recommend looking through the script once again.

Hey u can try

@SUMMER enters from right to screen right AND SUMMER starts react_shocked_gasp

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I figured out what was wrong, thanks a lot for the help everybody :cupid:
If one day you struggle with the same thing it’s actually
@SUMMER enters from right to screen right.
@SUMMER is react_shocked_gasp


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