Character accounts insta


I’ve seen a bunch of people have character accounts on insta. Do people only make character accounts for big stories or? :sweat_smile::joy: (I want someone to make one for my character lol) :joy::upside_down_face:


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I have two character accounts

  1. For Emily Star from The Glass Cage
    TGC has 18.2k reads
  2. For Axel’s Burns from Kid Sister
    KS has 410.8k reads


This Poll might be some additional info

I personally, don’t have them because I have difficulty maintaining my own. (plus my vote in the poll…). I’ve seen a few for The Dark Prince. But honestly, if you have the time to make them, like why not? There’s not much harm to it.


Love you Milii! And so does Axel :smirk: