Character Accounts (Instagram)

Hello everyone!
I will keep this somewhat short and simple. If you don’t know what character accounts are I will give you a brief rundown.
Character accounts are when someone has made a story and wants to have the characters more involved ,so you open a character account. Basically it is ran by who you choose and there can be several characters as well. In my story Beautiful Disaster it consist of a few different characters I will get more into it later on if you do decide to sign up for this.

If you wanna take part in this you must follow these rules but also do the application below

  • Being respectful to everyone even if you do disagree with them
    (Basically I don’t mind debating but keep the debate to a minimum, if it’s with another character in my story please make sure to follow the story line)

  • Do not abuse your ranking
    (Everyone is human and I’ve had problems with people abusing there role because they think they are better than others, don’t abuse you rank!! If you do so and I hear about it I will not be allowing you to continue helping me)

  • Be involved with my other characters
    (I don’t want you to be isolated therefor, I want everyone to be involved. I will be making a group chat with my characters just because they get to know more about the story and I want everyone to get to know each other maybe even become besties :slight_smile: )

    (Don’t just think this is about getting involved or hard work in gerneral but if you think that it’s not true… I want everyone to have fun doing this I don’t want anybody worrying about things if you have a problem let me know but be yourself and have fun)

I will leave this up to you now like I said the link is below
Character Application
If you have any questions let me know below

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