Character and Overlay Leave the Screen at the Same Time

Hey! I need help moving my character and overlay off the screen simultaneously. Here is the script:

This is exactly what I’m facing too :sob::sob: help us

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I’d also like to know lol

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You can also make the overlay fade just depends on what the overlay is. The reason it doesn’t shift at the same time is because of the in 1.

To make it happen at the same time try this:
@CHARACTER spot x x x in zone 2 in 1
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts x x in zone 2 in 1

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This is helpful thank u


You’re welcome! You always have to time it equally in order to make them go at the same time.

You can also try this:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to x x in zone 2 in 1 AND CHARACTER spot x x x in zone 2 in 1


Okay thanks :blush:


To make it happen simultaneously, following your script it should be:

&overlay CAR SIDE PINK shifts to 42 66 in zone 2 in 1
@ANTHONY walks to spot 1.250 160 33 in zone 2 in 1 AND ANTHONY does it while animation.

(The animation should not be a walking animation if the character is in the car. If he’s driving, the best animation to use would be read_book_open_neutral_loop but if he’s a passenger, you can use any animation that is not a walking one)


I appreciate all the help. Thank you!

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