Character animation help!

Is there a way I can do two animations at the same time?

Like this: CUSTOMMC1 (idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop) &CUSTOMMC1 is (talk_apathetic)

I tried that but it wouldn’t work ^

I don’t think you can do this sorry :neutral_face: there should be a talk-armscrossed or something similar I think

You can use
@CHARACTER1 starts talk_neutral AND @CHARACTER2 starts talk_mindblow You can’t make both of them talk at the same time,tho

I don’t want them to talk at the same time I wanna try and make them do 2 animations at a time.

Then it’s what I wrote in the previous comment :joy::arrow_up:

can i do the same character doing 2 animations at once or no?


Not the same character. It will skip one of the animations.

You can’t have the same character do two animations at the same time

That’s what I said?

Okay thank you.

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