Character animation not working after walking

I keep trying to make my character do a certain animation after they’re done walking. but it simply don’t work. Here’s the code (its in ink btw) :

&zoom on 615 246 to 413% in 1
&character1 walks to spot 0.812 236 149 in zone 2 in 1
&character1 moves to layer 8
&character1 faces right
@pause for 1
&charzcter2 is idle_terrified
&character1 is idle_rear
@character1 faces left
@pause for 1

You haven’t spelt character correctly, so that might be why

It should be -
&CHARACTER2 is idle_terrified

If you want the character to do something immadiately after walking you should use “THEN”. Like this:

@CHAR walks to spot ... THEN CHAR is [animation]

oh no I made “character” up. in my code its the actual characters’ names and they’re written correctly

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oh my- how come I forgot about the “THEN” command. thank you sm you’re a life savior!

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