Character appearence help [limelight]

so i placed my character in zone 3

and in my script i put - - @pan to zone 3

but when it does it takes the character like 2 seconds to appear on the screen

is this normal? or is there a way i can fix this

Use & and place your character first

&CHARACTER stands screen left in zone 3
&CHARACTER1 spot % X Y in zone 3
@pan to zone 3

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I already have that in my script

Can you show your script?


so you’re going from zone 3 to zone 1? it should work just fine

no that was just an example

i have the same thing written for zone 3 in my script but it still take 2 seconds for the charcters to load

You can try to write facing in the same line :thinking: maybe this will help. I don’t really see the reason why it does that.

how do i write facing the same line?

&CHARACTER spot % X Y in zone 1 at layer 1 AND CHARACTER faces right

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i tried it but there was still a bit of delay

but then i thought there was something wrong with the preview screen so i refreshed the page and tried it again, and this time it worked well.

i’d like to apologize for putting you through the trouble of helping me,

but also thank you!

this is the first episode story im writing so i dindt think to try that

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