Character Art Contest 💞

If you choose to work with my outline that’s fine. If you win your art will be generated into a major role character in my story or a different prize will be available if you want. Any gender character is accepted. My story is about shadows(charcoal haired auburn eyed creature) and elements(ice,fire,etc.) so you can get as creative as you want. Also you can create a magical being with powers like teleportation, mind readin, etc. or make a human. My outline is kinda iffy. I just started practicing making them 3 days ago.The rules have most of the info. You can put any type of character art now.


-I put my problems aside when doing these types of things and so should you.
-You can use any type of character art or any outline you make.
-Do not steal or trace anyone else’s art, if you do you’ll be disqualified.
-You can ask me to make another outline.
-Only 3 entries are allowed.
-You must leave your character’s story, abilities, and any other details below.
-You can color over my watermark on my outline.
-You need to put the password in order to enter.
-No drama or negative posts
Password: Honeyest of Lemons



-A major role in my story and a shout out every episode.
-A semi-important role, shoutouts on 10 episodes, and a piece of art made by me(I’m not that good).
-Five shoutouts, follows and likes on Insta, and art of your choice.
-4th and 5th might be possible Idk.

Deadline is February 12th.

I’m changing it up. You can put any type of edit or art scene as well.

Please put the password if your entering!

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged this was random.


If you need a different outline let me know.


Wait so you can have any type of edit or art scene (not involving your outline) just as long as it involves with your story, right?

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Yep I want to be more open bc I couldn’t do outlines at first so I know the struggle.

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Ah ok. I might do it, it sounds fun. ^^

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I’m glad your considering. :smile:

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Bump. Also If you have any questions let me know. :smile:

If you can think of another “being” with powers like mind reading, teleportation, etc you can do that since many of the elements have those abilities.

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You can ask just do a regular character.

Ok, I am thinking of fire.

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Here is the character I am going for.
Just the outfit will have more details to it.

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Nice also make sure to put the password when your ready to enter. :hugs:

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Yes, I will put it when I add my drawing. :sunglasses:

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@Bethany1 you might want to join. :smiley:

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Thank you and maybe I still have all the request I’m working on and then the other outline I joined this moring so if I get time. :blush: thank you for the tag :blue_heart:


Bump. Also tag others if you want.

I can’t wait to see what everyone makes. :smiley:

Bumping. Also if you have another idea on the prizes let me know.



does have to be ink?

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