Character Art Contest πŸ’ž


Well my story is in ink. I’ll have a limelight contest after my first story is published.


And oops lol


Password: Honeyest of Lemons
I’ll try to finish my artwork before the deadline :joy:


Thanks for joining. :smile:


Aight I’ll try!!! Honeyedt if lemon


I’m gonna join :slight_smile:
Password: Honeyest of Lemons


Sure pass: Honeyest of Lemons


Thx for entering. :blush:


So…Do we just create a character for your story, or create a character and edit/make art with it? If yes does it have to be a curtain size so you can use it as a background(splashes, intro etc)?


Any character. You can make your own. Also you don’t have to make it a certain size if you don’t want to. I wanted to allow someone to try and have a major role in my story so that’s why I made this.


Just curious…what is the art for then?


The winner gets they’re art shown on each episode and shout outs and will also get to be a MC.


Honeyest of lemons

I might join :sweat_smile:


Thx for entering. :blush: Good luck!




Wow. That’s beautiful. :heart_eyes:


Regardless of experience anyone can join :revolving_hearts: