Character Art Edits

Hello!! I’m so Excited to Make Character Edits During 8:45 To 3:15 I will not be Free!
Also, Check Out AmeliaEpisode’s Stuff.
I use MediBang Paint Pro.
So Tell me your Characters Details or Send Me A Picture Of Your Character
Sorry, I Forgot Examples!

Hi, your topic interested me and I’d like to know what is character art edits

Basically, you send me a character And I Edit it with Medi Bang Pro Is that more Clear for you?

so what is medibang pro?

and can you show me like some examples of these character edits if you have some already?

Excuse Me for not explaining it :joy: It’s an art app.


Oh okay, I see thanks for explaining!

Would you like me to Edit any Characters For you?

Not yet, maybe in my future stories but thank you.

No Problem!

You can edit this character :yellow_heart:

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I’ll get to work on it now! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would you like the sun glasses and the outfit or do you want something else?

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Here you go @sofia2

If you don’t like it I can change it.

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Thank you it’s amazing! :yellow_heart:

No problem! :smile:

hey, I have a picture that I want edits to be added.
If you can can you please try it.

Thanks you

Sorry for the late reply! What kind of edits?

its okay can you make it a bit brighter of something that loves nice