Character art: poll/ finish or abandon? Hi

I was going through my old files when I found these gems in the works. They’re old character designs I made on my phone that I guess where suppose to be long covers for my Episode story “The Wolves Amoung Us”. It’s a story about werewolves, some teens coming of age, but mostly about the MC River trying to care for this baby she is trying to protect. It makes more sense in the context of the story, but that is the basic idea. These drawings are old and I know I could do better now since I drew this on my phone. I’m just wondering if I should finish the second one, updated the first one and keep them as bonus pictures or toss them and just focus on the art in the actual episode?

  • Finish and update them and save them as bonus art
  • Don’t finish them and focus on art and writing for Episode

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If you care to chime in please help me decide. I kinda want to finish them but I also feel like it might take me away from writing and drawing more important content. Attached to each picture is will be a description of the character including their name, personality, and function in the story if you’re interested.

Characters image # 1

Left) Howel - surfer dude with a heart of gold, Kind but insecure, good natured and light hearted

Left center) Frost - stoic beauty, serious and straight to the point, combat specialist, always self assured

Center) River- MC, personality based on choices, style- skater girl,

Right) Summer - Nieve and optimistic, bubbly and girly personality, very big heart, easily mislead

Character image # 2

Left) Shadow- there is a half drawn hand belonging to a character name Shadow. He is an online persona that helps the MC sometimes through out the Episode, or at least that’s the idea.
Left center) Timber- a mild tempered geek who loves old movies and has a hard time expressing himself, a deep and thoughtful person who sometimes overthinks his feelings.
Center) Summit - Devoted brother and protector to his twin sister Summer, roughed and tough exterior with a serious soft spot for the people he cares about. Always puts himself in harm’s way as a self appointed protector, carries a hunting rifle, probabaly knows some stuff about guns but honestly who knows? has a beard now

Right) Cinder - street smart city girl, loves wearing racy clothes, baby faced, small tough, loves to laugh but also has a lot of pain

Some of these characters don’t really look like this anymore which is another reason I ended up not working on these anymore. Even if I don’t end up finishing them, I’m glad someone other than me saw them.

Thnks for reading :heart:


I think they’re cute! but if the characters don’t look like that anymore, it probably doesn’t make sense to include them?