Character avatars and names needed!


I need some ink character avatar and names for my story! Slots open are:
•Best Friend taken
•Love interests sister taken
•Dead Brother taken
•Other background characters in parties, town etc…
•Love interest taken
•Best Friend #2 (later on) taken
•Mean Girl taken
•Child (F) taken
•Child (F) taken
•Child (M)


Best friend please!




Is it ink or LL?


Ink! I need to mention that


Thanks, girl!




Okay! You can pick the role for me when I submit




Oh! And if you haven’t started yet, can my name be Alex? If the name “Alex” is already taken, then NyNy is fine.


That’s fine :slight_smile:




Could I be love interest I will send deatils later



Name: Iris
Skin Color: Olive
Eyebrows: Mature round
Hairstyle & hair color: Long curly hair and black
Eyes & Eye Color: Upturned feline
Face: Soft heart
Nose: Refined
Mouth & mouth color: Full round and scarlet

Thank you :sparkling_heart:


Sure babe :kissing_heart:


Okay, I pick…


Thanks babe :kissing_heart:


Love interests sister!


Yay! cool!


Name: Cameron
Character: Rose 04
Brow: Round Soft (dark brown)
Hair - generic short - chestnut brown
Male generic - eyes - brown dark
diamond soft face
nose grecian narrow
lips medium straight natural pink beige