Character behaviour


Hey guys , I recently found this character behaviour and I searched for it in animations catalog , because I’m currently writing a story and I want to use it if I can , but I can’t seem to find it there . Is this available for everyone who writes stories ? :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


Which story is it from? I think it might be a hidden animation that can only be used in Episode featured stories. So not available for all writers.


It’s from Cameron Dallas: It Started With A Lie .
I thought at first that I saw this animation on users stories and thinking that I can use it too , but I guess I was wrong :sweat_smile:. Thank you for reply ! :hugs::blush:


Yeah, I think it’s a hidden feature that only episode has access to. If you want you can have someone just make you an overlay like tht


no I’ve seen normal stories use it… no clue what it’s called tho… :sweat_smile:


Well that’s a good idea :smile:. Thank you for reply ! :hugs:


It’s alright :see_no_evil: , thank you for reply ! :hugs: