Character Card Makeover!

i’m hollywood, thanks for reading!
if you don’t like your current card - i’m offering a complete makeover of it for you!
or if you just want a brand new card, i’m offering that too!

here’s everything i need to know:

if you’re requesting a makeover
✧ old card:
✧ anything new you want added?:

if you want a new card
✧ style:
✧ name:
✧ character details:
✧ character outfit:
✧ animation:
✧ background:
✧ anything else you want me to add?:


i also have another thread where i offer more art! check it out :slight_smile::
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thanks again, happy writing! :pleading_face:

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I need a character card for a character I have named:
Theme: You choose!
If there is anything I missed out on, please choose yourself. You have a great sense of sytle, As I saw on the example
Pose: eye roll
Do you mind if I send a picture?
I dont have a PC to see episode’s official character desinging-thing.

If you come across any problems and difficulties, Just PM me.

Here’s what I know about my character though:
Chestnut brown hair, Blunt bangs ponytail
Skin: Neutral
Lips: Hot pink
Face shape: diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
If able, please add freckles

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this is great, although that outfit i’m pretty sure is from a featured story, so i don’t have access to it :sob:

i could just use similar outfit instead?
i’ll start this now for you :pleading_face:

Tysm! sorry, this is an episode profile… You can choose any outfit you like (preferably yellow, it’s my favourite colour) Ps. Make sure to credit yourself

no problem!
aww yellow is my favourite too ahaha! :yellow_heart:

I am not trying to rush you or anything, But do you know around when you can get this done, Its okay if you dont know, because Art cannot be timed.

no, it’s fine!
i’m working on this now, so i’ll probably be done in ten minutes? :yellow_heart:

oh, wow! TY!! cant wait to see your final result. If I dont thank you when you’re done, its probably because I’m reading episode stories But I WILL THANK YOU

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here’s your finished card, i hope you like it! :pleading_face:


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WoW!! it’s amazing, TYSM!!!

Hi! can I please order a character card as well?
I love your art!

Body: female generic (neutral 2)
Brows: straight med (dark brown)
Hair: short wavy Ombre (brown black)
eyes: female generic (ice blue)
face: diamond
nose: defined natural
lips: full heart pouty (pink peach med gloss)

Heres the outfit


Ankle Buckle Boots Pleather Grey Black
Sheer Floral Crop Top Sheer Black Floral
Leaf Motif Double Hanging Earrings Metal Silver
Ripped Black Denim Skirt Denim

You can choose a background that matches her outfit.
Thanks in advance!

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hey lovely! I’d like to request a card if it’s possible. No need to rush though, I know that creating something like this, can take time!


style: limelight

name: Mia Milano

character details:
female athletic body (skin: neutral 5)
brows - arched natural scar (black dark)
hair - long straight loose solid (black dark)
eyes - angular slender (silver)
face - square defined
nose - defined natural
lips - full round pouty (rose medium nude gloss)

character outfit:
structure bralette top denim light white
pleated small belted waist high skirt cottongrey black
pumps closed round black
leaf motif double hanging earrings metal silver
nose stud silver
skull and roses arm tattoo

animation: idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop

background: if it doesn’t have to be episode related, a night sky would work, if it has to be an episode background, then I’d appreciate: EXT. ST JEZEBEL ISLAND BEACH - NIGHT

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