Character card needed! :3

hii, so im looking for character cards for both my characters! the details are below.
you can do whatever, bg of ur choice, font/text of ur choice, pose of ur choice , etc.
i take edited and drawn character cards!!

character details

mc :
female soft body

neutral 03

straight thin (dark brown)

long straight loose solid (brown black)

heavy lid upturned falsies (blue green)


round button

full round pounty (rose light nude matte)

extras only if its a drawn character card! : nose stud silver , bird collar tattoo solid , butterfly forearm tattoo solid , (freckles on her nose and cheeks) , and it would be very nice to add like extra piercings on her ear (if it shows).

and her hair is kinda like this (if its drawn)

lis :
male athletic body

neutral 03

arched medium (black dark)

slicked back side shaved tousled (brunette brown)

narrow almond deep smiling (ice blue)

chiseled angular

straight pointed

medium heart (rose light nude gloss)

extras (only if its a drawn character card) : studded metal rimmed earring metal grey , full body tribal skull lace ink black , eyebrow piercing horizontal barbell , (it would be nice to add maybe some rings on his fingers!)


I will just @Salbat.Author rq. She does amazing CCs! If you want, you can find the link to her shop in my bio. :blob_hearts: :see_no_evil:


tysmm! :3

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Thank you so much! :bat::hearts::face_holding_back_tears:

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Thanks to @Athena07 for tagging me here!

You can check out my help center (link available in my bio) and feel free to submit a request through the form link that can be found there. :bat::hearts:

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