Character card requests are open!

I’m creating character cards, my requests are open.

I need:

  • Character/ characters details in full with outfit choice.
  • Preferred pose for the character/characters
  • Theme or color of tour choice.
  • Your email address (to mail the final product)

If you’re uncomfortable to share your personal email here, please send me a direct message here or on Instagram. @luna_epsd


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Character details: (it’s ll)
Female Soft Body (rose 03)
Arched Natural (Chestnut brown)
Short Messy Pony Tail (medium brown)
Round Medium (Hazel dark)
Heart Soft
Round Button Upturned
Small Heart (Pink Beige gloss)
Checkered Slip On Shoes Cotton Grey Black
Ripped Tight Leggings Denim Blue Oxford
Locket Necklace Metal Gold
Long Sleeved Loose Sweater Logo Moon Grey
Pose: flirt_shy
Name: Larina
Color/Theme: Aesthetic pastel blue , something like that haha
Thank you !

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I’ll get it done in a few! :gem:

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Hello @Luna_epsd !

I’m interested in a 3 Limelight and one ink character cards!

First Character Card!

William / Male LI

Body Type: Male Athletic Body

Body Color: Rose 02

Eyebrow Shape: Straight Medium

Eyebrow Color: Brown Black

Hair Style: Medium Side Curls

Hair Color: Black Jet

Eye Shape: Deepest Downturned

Eye Color: Brown Black

Face Shape: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved

Nose Shape: Straight Pointed

Lip Shape: Medium Straight Natural

Lip Color: Fair Rose Matte

Special Details:

Tattoo Style: Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Piercing Style: Eyebrow Piercing Horizontal Barbell Silver

Bracelet Style: Multiple Beaded Strapped Bracelets Leather Red Rose


Animation: idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop

I really love the background of gold with the font script of one of your character cards, I feel it really says my character:

Second Detail Card!

Quinn /Female MC

Body Type: Female Generic Body

Body Color: Neutral 02

Eyebrow Shape: Arched Thin

Eyebrow Color: Black Dark

Hair Style: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid

Hair Color: Ash Blonde

Eye Shape: Round Medium

Eye Color: Brown Pale

Face Shape: Heart Soft

Nose Shape: Round Button Upturned

Lip Shape: Full Heart Pouty

Lip Color: Pink Beige Matte

Special Details:

Tattoo Style: Birds In Flight Tattoo /could you also fit in the tattoos of my two main characters: William and Quinn in the character details written out! Thanks!

Animation: idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop


Background/Theme dark, purple! Font, script!

Final Detail Cards!


Animation: write_takenotes_happy

Background/Theme: Light pink, happy!

Ink Detail Card:


Animation: write_notepad

Background/Theme, light pink, happy!

Thank You So Much! And if you have any questions in regards to the detail cards please let me know!

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Awesome! I’ll get working on them.

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Hey! Please send me your email address :star2:

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Okay, I sent you it through Private Message! :yellow_heart: