Character Cards? Opinion?

What do u think?


Love these. Do you make them for others?

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Wow you are amazing at this!

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Yes I do

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Would you mind making me two for my new story?

Sure! Just send me the details and outfits. But pls be careful! If your character has too many accessories, they all won’t fit in one card

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Male Generic Body Rose 03
Furrowed Raised S light brown
Crew Cut light brown
Deepset Downturned hazle
Chiseled Angular
Roman Straight Broad
Full Heart Natural Bedge Rose

Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

Muscle Tank Pocket Cotton Grey White

Uniform Basketball Shorts Cotton Black Red

Beaded Leather Strapped Bracelet Leather Grey Black

Leg Hair Black

Male Athletic Body gold 02
Round Medium deep brown
Long Top Messy Curls pastel minit
Deepset Heavy Lid green
Diamond Soft
Grecian Narrow
Full Lower Lip Sharp fair natural matte

Clothes Used

Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Red Rose

Muscle Tank Cotton Stripe Black White

Large Studs Plastic Grey Black

Distressed Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford

Friendship Thread Bracelets Cotton Rainbow

Leg Hair Black

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What background do u want me to use? I can also use episode background and blur it a bit, like this:

I like that background blured


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Which do u want me to use for them?

Sorry not sure what you mean :blush:

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Very beautiful!

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I like your work! Looking sharp and so well done.

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What animation do u want the characters to be on the card?

Seth arms_crossed
and Tyler wink

Omg I love themmmm!!! :heart::heart::heart: Can you make me one pls?

Okay :heart:

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