Character cards?

Hello all! I am in need of a character card. Does anyone do them (or know anyone who does)? If so, that would be great. Please let me know. Thank you :grin:!

What do you mean by character cards

Basically, a sheet of you character’s (INK or LL) details instead of always typing it.

So a picture with my character on without the features names? Sorry if I’m being dumb

Yeah. A picture of your character including the details (eyes, lips, face).

I just realize I could probably do this myself since i finally learned how to edit :joy:.

I can if you want :joy:

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That would be awesome! Thank you :heart:.

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I’ll PM you! (:

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Alrighty :+1:t5:!

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Can I make one for you as well, I haven’t done one in a while :yay: :blob_hearts:

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