Character Changes Not Showing Up On The App

I’m not sure if it is a fault of my own or simply a bug but here goes: Okay, so my story features sport heavily so my main athlete character I’d given the fem athletic body type on the portal back when the new body types were released. Since then, I’ve uploaded two new chapters - so I have clearly updated the story for the app - yet her new body does not appear on the app. It does not even show up in my preview of my own story on the app. Yes, I have clicked “save changes”, and it displays her with that body while I code on the portal - it is only when it is supposed to transfer onto the app that her changes do not appear. I tried changing other characters body types and they show up just fine. I tried changing her hair colour as well and it also does not appear, so I believe it is any change to her appearance in particular that will not transfer. It must be an issue specifically with her avatar. I probably would not care if she weren’t as important of a character, but she is a main character so I’d greatly appreciate if this problem were resolved. Any help or advice to find a solution I would also be grateful to hear ^^


The app doesn’t always show the correct thing in for the author. In my story, one time I randomly customized the MC and no matter how many times I reset the story, she still appeared with those features and not the ones that showed on the portal.
If you could give me your story name I could look at it and tell you what she looks like for me?

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Sometimes Episode Writer Portal just doesn’t work. I’ve had several problems with it, myself. Maybe write a ticket. idk :woman_shrugging:t5:

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I’ve had multiple people tell me they can’t see the new body type for this character, I don’t think it shows up at all. And my story is “Ambivalence”, character I’m having this issue with is “Ash”. But she doesn’t wear anything that shows off her abdomen till about chapter 3 so idk if i’d recommend trying to push past all the cringe I wrote in those first chapters haha

Hm okay I might have to do that because I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem.

I’m having an issue where I can’t change hairstyles. I want different hair for different outfits. I am also very new so I can’t just make my own topic about this…so can someone help with that because it seems similar to this problem as well. Sorry to hijack but I don’t have a choice.

You can’t actually change hairstyles with certain outfits, you’ll have to manually code it into your story’s script such as “@CHARACTER changes hair into Crew Cut” before or after the outfit change, for example.
Hairstyle is considered a feature of the actual avatar rather than an outfit option. My issue is that I cant even code her body change in manually because @ASH changes body into Athletic or whatever, isn’t a valid code/line yet. But I have heard episode is looking to add this at some point.
Hope this helps ^^

Thank you!!! Though I wish I could help with your problem. Hope it works out for you.

All goods! :relaxed: Good luck with your story!

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Thanks! Good luck with yours as well!

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I started a story with the option Spotlight instead of Cinematic but, when I try to do a makeover of the character it doesn’t work. Does anyone got an specific script for that?
How can I do a character makeover on the spotlight option??

I’m confused by what you mean here, are you talking about customisation? You want to add customisation options for the reader?

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This is how you switch back and forth between spotlight and cinematic. Your story will need to be in cinematic to allow customisation. And Dara Amarie has CC templates on her website that you can find a link to through her instagram, make sure you credit her correctly if you use them.

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Thanks for your help. I wanted to make a customisation but with the spotlight. So sad that I won’t be able to let the reader to customise the character on that story. I hope they’ll fix that soon.

No you CAN allow customisation, you’ll just have to switch to cinematic using the directions told in the post I linked and then switch it back to spotlight for the rest of the story to continue? You can do it with a spotlight story, just not in the spotlight mode I guess?